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Coconet 1.0.1 is out

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subject Release of a minor version of Coconet

Hi all!

Today (well, actually yesterday :)) I've launched Coconet 1.0.1, the first step to modernize my ending project at the University. In this first step I've translated the comments and part of the code (it left the functions name and the data structures) into english and I've made some little optimizations. I've also structured a little bit the project, but I've to add some additional information.

My next steps are finishing the translation of all the code, make a review of all the code to enhace the design and optimize it, port the build of the project to autoconf and automake and make a simple web page of the project containing its basic information, some links to download the code (as a package and from the repository), …

If you want to try the latest stable version you can download it from here, and if you want to checkout the code from the repository and collaborate with me please visit the github repository page.

Happy Hacking!!!