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Coconet 1.0.2 is out

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subject Release of a minor version of Coconet

Hi all!

We have a new release of Coconet, in this case the version 1.0.2. In this step I've finished the translations into english of all the code (global variables, functions and structs) and I've made some extra optimizations of the code (nothing important).

In the next days/weeks (I've to work and to advance in other projects :)) I'm going to port the project compilation process to autoconf and automake. I want also to start the refactoring of the code to remove at least some of the global variables and make some more important optimizations of it.

If you want to try the latest stable version you can download it from here, and if you want to checkout the code from the repository and collaborate with me please visit the github repository page.

Happy Hacking!!!