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Geekphone Zero review

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subject Personal review of the Geekphone Zero cell phone.

Hi all!

First of all, please apologize for not publishing anything in three months, but both because of work (with several travels in the middle) and personal projects I didn't have so much time to write.

To celebrate my birthday (I'm 30!!!!) I'm going to write a review of my new cell phone, the Geekphone Zero. I got the phone at christmas and I've to say that I'm very happy with it, because it works pretty well (with some minor bugs related to the version of Android I'm using), having a great quality/price rate.

Its price is 165 euros free (without a phone company contract), a reasonable price to a smartphone with Android (a high-end smartphone cost perfectly 400-500 euros free), and with all your basics covered (wifi, usb, bluetooth, gps, …) and, with the last version of Android 2.3, it goes pretty smooth.

One of the major advantages of the phone is that you have root access, so you can update it without losing the warranty. In fact, the company work closely with the CyanogenMod group, so there is no problem to install new updates of the phone from the Cyanogen ROM application.

Happy Hacking!