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subject I've bought a couple of new computers.

Hi all!

I'm back from South America (I've been 6 weeks in Chile and Argentina) with some good and bad news. The bad new is that I've been stolen and I don't have anymore some of my technical stuff, like a laptop, an external hard drive, a tablet and some other things. I've also lost some information, specially documentation and some projects of my studies and previous works.

The good thing is that I've to restore some of the things I've lost, so I bought a desktop computer and a netbook. The desktop computer is an AMD with 8 cores of 3.1GHz each, 8 GB of RAM, a 1 GB graphic card with hdmi output and a 120 GB SSD hard drive. Yes, it's a great computer, so it's going to stay with me for a really long time.

The other toy I've bought, the netbook, is an Asus eeepc of 10' with two cores of 1.67GHz each, 1 GB of RAM and a hard drive of 250 GB, more than enough to have mobility and a real computer for my travels. I think that between the two toys I'm going to be very productive, so I hope you'll see me more active in my projects and around here.

Happy Hacking!!!