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subject Added a new repository for my local environment.

Hi all,

I have published in a new shourcehut repository a small project with bash functions I use on a (more or less) daily basis on my environment. It's not anything fancy, and I have not added all the functions yet, but if you find them useful you can clone the repository and source them from your bashrc or zshrc file:
if [[ -f "${dir}/env.sh" ]]; then
source ${dir}/env.sh

Where dir is the directory where you cloned the repository. For now, the functions added are:

  • r_new_password: Generates a new password using pwgen.
  • r_error: Shows an error message.
  • r_check_programs: Checks if a list of programs are installed.
  • r_apt_install: Install one or more packages.
  • r_apt_remove: Removes one or more packages.
  • r_install_snap: Install snap on your computer.
  • r_snap_install: Install one or more packages using snap.
  • r_snap_remove: Removes one or more packages using snap.
  • r_install_jq: Installs jq.
  • r_check_env: Checks the environment scripts.

Happy Hacking!