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New job at Lana

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subject I've changed recently of job, from Zaleos to Lana

This year has come with an important change in my working side. In mid January I've finished my work relationship with Zaleos, and, since the beginning of March, I've started working at Lana.

As you know, in May I decided to come back to Spain, and I had to thank the opportunity to Zaleos. I have learned a lot in Zaleos during the time I've worked there, and I think they have a great team. Still, at some point, we had some differences in our daily job and, finally, they decided to let me go. I think it wasn't an easy decision for them. For me, besides the initial bad sensation (it never feels good when any company let you go), I think it was a good decision because I wasn't feeling too comfortable either. I think that probably with better communication and some work we could make it work. Still, finally, it was their decision, and I understand it.

On the bride side, I've started working at Lana since the beginning of March as Senior Backend Developer. Lana is a Fintech that started inside Cabify with a solution to disperse payments to the Cabify drivers, and it has some exciting projects to grow the company. The backend stack is done entirely in Golang, using technologies like Kubernetes or Elastic Search, and, since it's a new startup, there's a lot of exciting work to do. The project has a bit more than two years, so you can imagine the amount of work to do and new ideas we want to try. I hope not only to learn a lot about technology and the financial business side but also aport my knowledge and experience to the project. Since the tech team is split into several locations (we have developers in Mexico, Chile, Amsterdam, Madrid, Malaga, …) I'll keep working from Cordoba, which is good news for me too :).

I have several pending posts about things I've learned in Zaleos about SIP, and I'm sure I'll publish new blog posts related to my current work, so keep in the loop.

Happy Hacking!