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New job at Schibsted

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subject I have a new job at Schibsted

Hi all,

I know I didn’t write anything for a long time, but I have a reason, I’ve been hired at Schibsted Iberica. To anyone who doesn’t know anything about Schibsted (I didn’t at the begining :)), the company is a media group that is present in 31 countries in Europe, Asia and America which have the newspaper 20 Minutos in Spain and several classifieds websites (segundamano.es, blocket.se, custojusto.pt, …).

The work I’m doing is to develop the web platform of all this classifieds websites. This platform is written mostly in C and a little part in PHP (with some AJAX in the middle also), languages which I’m very confortable with.

Obviously, I’m still going to develop my personal projects, but until I get a new home and organize myself a little bit the personal development time is going to be reduced considerably.

Happy Hacking!