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subject Plans over my personal web page.

As I said in my previous post, one of the projects I want to work is my personal web page, and I told you I didn’t have very clear what I’m going to do in it. Well, after some meditation (yes, I even think sometimes) I have much clear what I want to do with the web page.

Te idea is to make a web app useful not only for me, but also to more Free Software hackers, so it will have functionalities to manage both the personal home page of any person and the projects that is involved. This means that the app will have some own functionalities (as blogging, technical articles, tips, patches, …) and some external functionalities integrated with the app (like with social networks or with hosting projects webpages like berlios or github).

This project have the AGPL license, and I have published the code I’ve generated (I’ve just started the project, so don’t be mad) at github and at ritho’s git site. My web page is synchronized with the ritho’s git site. That means it updates when I do a commit to that repository, so, unless I’ve a god reason to do it, the commits to ritho’s repository will be done only by me, but the Github repository will be open to any contribution, so please, feel free to make any contribution.

Happy hacking!