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subject In here I have a list of projects I want to work on sooner than later.

After my exams (I’m studying a barchelor degree in Computer Science at the National University of Long Distance Education) and while I get a job I’m going to work in several projects I’ve in mind since some time to enhace my skills on technologies I think they will be important in my professional future.

The first project I’m going to work is my personal web page (http://ritho.net), in wich I already began to work. I think I’ve in mind this project since I began my computer science studies, in fact I’ve done several tries to make my own personal site, but at the end they’ve finished abandoned. And what’s different this time? Well, the first and main difference is that I’ve time to spend in it, so this time I don’t have that excuse.

The other main difference is that I want to build something useful, so it’s not only going to be my personal web page, it also is going to be a site open to other people. I’m not sure already what I’m going to offer, but several ideas round around my head, including project management and hosting (like github, berlios, sourceforge, …), hosting of blogs, tutorials and technical articles, …

As you see, I don’t have very clear already the project itself, so any new idea will be welcome, but I’ve clear that I’m going to begin with my needs, and from that I’ll extend the web app. What I’ve clear is the technologies I’m going to use: PHP5, postgresql9, JQuery/AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3. With this project I want to experiment with the technologies that are being used in the cloud computing, so I’ll be looking for new interesting techniques.

Other project I want to do is named Kirinki, and its main objetive is to provide a web application for video streaming. Kirinki was a bird native to Númenor, the lost island of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. My idea with this project is provide a web app that can stream lived and recorded videos (similar to youtube but with live streaming) for free or by paying. This can be interesting both to users that want to share their videos for free and to users that want to offer some paid content (movies, series, live concerts, …).

This project have a lot of work to do, because it can include video format conversions, creation and management of channels, quality of streaming and some social network utilities (votes, comments, followers, …). I’ve started its development with python+django for two main reasons: I want to enhace my skills with those technologies and they allow to manage the resources much better than PHP. If you want to check the code I’ve done you can go to the github project page.

These are the two main computer projects I’m going to spend my time now, but I’ve several projects, computer and no computer related, that I want to spend my time, like improving my english, gardening, make exercise, study, contributing with some free software project I’m interested (cherokee, bulmages, …) and learn more about kernel hacking (not just Linux kernel).

As you can see, I’ve a lot of projects in mind, so it’s better to start.

Happy Hacking