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subject I started to use org2blog to write blog posts

Hi from Brasil!

Some days ago I've discovered a tool that can help me to blog more frequently, Org2Blog. It's basically a plugin for the org package to publish posts from org files in emacs. I didn't used previously org-mode, so I've investigated a bit about it and I found that I can use it not only for blog posting, but also to manage your agenda and todo list, so I've configured it out and I think I'm going to use it a lot.

The blogging part seems to be pretty easy, because you can define your post entry with a few and easy to remember tags and it doesn't define any weird format to write (like a lot of wiki pages). You only have to write your post in plain text and the package manage to convert it to your html entry.

Although I think you can use it not only for Wordpress, I recomend you to search for other packages if you're using other blog engine (for example, there is a package that works better with blogger that seems to work better than this one).

One of the thinks that I want to try in the next few days is the integration of org2blog with atom. This integration is made by other package and I couldn't do it work in the last days.

I hope to blog much more with this tool, cause one of the things that I hate of blogging is the necessity of being connected and with a browser opened to post an entry.

Happy Hacking!